Virtual Health

What is "Virtual Care"?

Virtual care is healthcare delivered through technology. Patients can safely and securely text, video, or audio chat with a healthcare professional, without having to go into the physical doctor’s office.

Getting healthcare has never been easier

Health is catching up to the innovations in finance, hospitality and transportation to see a whole new way that care can be delivered.

Stay connected

Virtual care facilitates a continuous connection between patients and healthcare providers. Patients can initiate care at the earliest stages.

Integrated Care

Virtual care stitches together health systems, providers, and resources, such that health records are available to patients wherever they seek care.

Efficiency gains

Don’t wait days for an appointment or settle for a search engine to act as your health advisor. And, get notifications directly to your phone as soon as results are received.

Help from anywhere

Keep your healthcare team with you, wherever you go. All you need to access great healthcare for you and your family is an internet connection and a mobile device.

When to use virtual care

Have a health or wellness question? Need a prescription? Want to avoid walk-in clinic or ER waiting rooms whenever possible? Akira can be accessed on-the-spot for lots of health concerns. Our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners can diagnose, prescribe, order tests, and more, directly through the Akira app.


What is it?

Family medicine focuses on comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages. Our core virtual care service connects patients to our family doctors and nurse practitioners via secure text, video or audio chat, acting as the first (and often only) stop for healthcare concerns.

Why we offer it

Family medicine (also known as primary care) is the backbone of the healthcare system. Our goal is to improve accessibility where most Canadians begin their healthcare journey.

What is it?

Health is inclusive of both mind and body. Our mental health practice focuses on an individual’s psychological wellbeing, working alongside our doctors and nurse practitioners to manage your care holistically.

Why we offer it

Mental health is the second most common reason patients engage with the Akira app. Mental health therapy with a licensed therapist is complementary to the support we can provide through our Family Medicine practice.

What is it?

Food is our fuel. Our diet and nutrition services focus on coaching individuals on specific health goals and health conditions to optimize the way they feel or perform.

Why we offer it

Healthy eating is one of the most important things you can do to support good health. We can partner with you in your health goals with expert advice from a Registered Dietitian, while providing support and accountability with your dedicated doctor or nurse practitioner.

What is it?

Naturopathic medicine combines traditional medicine with natural remedies. The core of naturopathy focuses on identifying, treating, and preventing the root cause of illness, while using the least invasive therapies.

Why we offer it

The naturopathic approach is complementary to Family Medicine care. Naturopathic doctors use levers like diet and supplements to impact better health, supporting common concerns such as digestive complaints, autoimmune disorders, sleep, headaches, acne, and stress management.

We can support and treat a wide range of health concerns

  • Cold and Flu
  • Mental Health
  • Skin Concerns
  • Reproductive Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Acid Reflux
  • Eye Issues
  • Sinus Infections
  • And more!

Accessible care benefits us all

We’re on a mission to bridge the gaps in our healthcare system, delivering timely primary and speciality care virtually.

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Accessible care chart Accessible care chart
Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information. International Comparisons at CIHI, February 2017. Ottawa, ON: CIHI; 2017.

Available Through Employers

Akira is available as a benefit through a growing number of Canadian employers. Here are companies offering Akira:

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