About Akira

Your health, on your terms

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do. But work, family, and other things often get in the way. We help you stay connected to great care, wherever you are.

Our vision

Time is our most valuable resource. We’re on a mission to help Canadians invest time in things that matter, while supporting them to take an active role in their care. Stay healthy, improve productivity, and save the costs of illness whenever possible.


Why do employers choose Akira?


We connect the disparate pieces of your health – your doctor, medical records, employer benefits and more – providing a better experience for employees and employer.

Dedicated Healthcare Team

Akira provides a team of health professionals who build a relationship with patients over time, understand their needs, and support their health goals over time.


Your health doesn’t wait, so neither should you. We connect patients to a healthcare professional in seconds by text, video, or audio chat, any time of the day or night.

Our values

We work together as a team to reimagine health, and everyone plays an important part. Our values drive all that we do.

The Akira team

John Mozas John Mozas

John Mozas

Co-Founder and CEO

John is the co-CEO of Akira, where he shares the responsibility of leading our growth and keeping us on track. An entrepreneur at heart, John gets his energy from building great teams and companies. Before the days of reimagining health at Akira, John was the CEO at Medcan, the largest executive health provider in North America, where he grew the company from 30 to 350 employees over 12 years. Before Medcan, John co-founded Grocery Gateway and had roles at GSK, BCG and Warner-Lambert.

Dan Pawliw Dan Pawliw

Dan Pawliw

Co-Founder and CEO

Dan is the co-CEO of Akira, where he shares the responsibility of rallying our team to deliver really great virtual care and client service every day of the year. Before Akira, Dan worked as the Chief Commercial Officer at Medcan for 12 years.  Before Medcan, Dan worked at Goldman Sachs in New York and JP Morgan H&Q in San Francisco in their Investment Banking groups.

Matt Zukowski Matt Zukowski

Matt Zukowski

Chief Technology Officer

Matt is our CTO and one of the original co-founders of Akira. He singlehandedly wrote much of the code required to launch our app in the early days and, now, he’s the backbone of our technology strategy. He has an Honours BSc. in Cognitive Science and AI and also has a Master in Information (which is, unsurprisingly, quite fitting).

Jean-Sébastien Chassé Jean-Sébastien Chassé

Jean-Sébastien Chassé

Medical Director

JS is Akira’s Medical Director for Ontario and Quebec. He is a dual-licensed, bilingual physician, who – when not working with Akira – is also a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces. Recently back in Canada following an international deployment, JS provides us with clinical leadership in developing new virtual care protocols and manages any clinical escalations that may arise.

Yolanda Billinkoff Yolanda Billinkoff

Yolanda Billinkoff

Head of Sales

Yolanda is the Head of Sales at Akira. Creating a new industry from the ground up, Yolanda spends her time educating and inspiring plan sponsors, insurers, and others to think about how healthcare can be delivered in a new way. Prior to Akira, Yolanda was the VP of Sales at Medcan, where she was a trusted advisor in helping organizations uncover their healthcare needs.

Meghan Van Zanden Meghan Van Zanden

Meghan Van Zanden

Head of Clinical Operations

Meghan is our Head of Clinical Operations. A RN by background, she brings both clinical and business experience to scale our national operations, never compromising on the friendly, accessible care we have delivered since day 1. Passionate about health, Meg’s played a leadership role at both Medisys and Medcan prior to Akira.

Nhon Bogue Nhon Bogue

Nhon Bogue

Lead Nurse Practitioner

Nhon is one of Canada’s earliest provider-adopters of virtual care and one of Akira’s first clinicians. As our Lead Nurse Practitioner, Nhon trains our team to deliver care virtually, while always ensuring fun and laughter along the way. She works remotely from Petawawa, Ontario, where she lives in the military town with her family.

Katie Herbert Katie Herbert

Katie Herbert

Chief of Staff

Katie is the Chief of Staff at Akira, which really just means she is happiest helping out and getting involved in a little bit of everything - from product to marketing, finance, HR, and all the rest. She, too, spent some time at Medcan, where she worked on Dan’s team as a Director of Product and was responsible for the P&L and new product launches.